Is the purchased document registered?

Yes, of course, all driver licenses provided on this page are stored in the databases regardless of their category. In some cases, in addition to the driver's license, we will send you the driver's license certificate, which confirms the originality of your driver's license

How long does it take between drafting and receipt of the document by the customer?

As soon as you have ordered your document and paid the corresponding fee, you will receive the document at the latest one week later

How will my driver's license be delivered?

Once your driver's license has been presented, it will be sent to your home address or the address of your choice via DHL, POST or UPS

How is my driver's license paid?

Payment can be made in several ways. Different payment methods are available to the customer and it is up to them to choose the most suitable one for them based on where they live, their facilities and even the anonymity they want with the transaction. Nevertheless we accept the following payments:
➤➤ Bank Transfer

Are there any special considerations for obtaining a permit?

Of course not. However, we recommend that all of our customers learn to drive seriously so that the work we are doing does not become dangerous to them.

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